Monday, October 4, 2010

Organized Grocery Shopping

I use Splash Shopper software on my palm pilot to keep my grocery list organized. In it I can mark what items I want, the quantity, the price and also if I have a coupon/price match for that item. I can also show what grocery store different items are at. It keeps a running total for me while I shop and I can check off each item as I put it in the cart. I have used it enough now that almost all of the items I buy are in my master list. I can make a list before I go shopping and have a very good idea of how much I'll spend before I even get to the store. This has been a huge help in general, but especially since now I shop with only cash. Check it out.They have it available for lots of different phones and PDA's. You can also use it make multiple types of lists (packing for trips, birthdays, Christmas, clothing, etc. I mostly use it for grocery shopping.
Click here to learn more about splash shopper software.

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