Thursday, August 5, 2010

Food Budgeting

Okay-technically this post isn't a recipe, but it does affect what I cook. Cooking from scratch is much cheaper than buy prepared/frozen meals. This is my monthly food budget breakdown:

$520 Groceries
$50 Scott-lunch @work (it's not enough for everyday, some days are leftovers)
$50 Food storage money (3 month supply/long term food storage)
$30 School lunch money (the kids get to buy a school lunch once a week)

For a grand total of $650/month. It's exactly this amount every month because I get it all in cash. That puts a ceiling on the amount of money I spend. Food storage money is for when things like chicken go on sale, or I stock up on food at Sam's club. It also goes toward buying things at the cannery. Happy budgeting & shopping!

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